rubber tiles


Product Name : Rubber Tiles
Color : Multicolored
Thickness : 15-30mm
Size : 5000-1000mm
Availability : Worldwide
Stock Position : In Stock


Used for walking in the park, paving villa gardens, paving sidewalks for pedestrians, Other areas for pedestrians requiring high damping & anti-slip ability.

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Use for swimming pools, water parks & water playgrounds.

Gym room

Children’s playground, Sports ground

Characteristics of rubber tiles produced by SuKa Vietnam

  • Sound absorption, heat insulation, anti-noise & damping.
  • Insulation & anti-static function.
  • Flexible, anti-slip, wear-resistant & climate resistant.
  • Safety protection, minimizing the possibility of injury when falling.
  • Non-toxic, eco-friendly & easy to clean.
  • Easy & fast construction.
  • There is recycling & reuse.